CAPS Complaint Form

Pet Shop Complaint Form

Use this form to register a complaint concerning a companion animal purchased from a pet shop, over the internet or from a breeder.


Please fill out the pet shop complaint form as thoroughly as possible. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). We understand there are many questions; however in order for us to address a complaint we need this information.

You may wish to take notes and gather the required information first before filling out the form.

If you approve us to publish your complaint so that it will be visible to the general public on our website please check yes. Note that we will not publish personal/contact information about you, but we will publish your name.

About You

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About the Shop / Purchase


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About the Companion Animal


Enter your best guess if you don't know the date of birth or purchase

About the Breeder

It will help CAPS immeasurably in our investigation if you provide information about the breeder and broker. It should be documented in your paperwork. Look on your purchase papers and pedigree, if applicable.

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About the Broker

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The Situation and Your Experience

Please describe the conditions in the pet shop or kennel, such as housing, space availability, food, water, bedding, cleanliness, temperature, health and demeanor of the animals, and exposure to illness and disease:

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