Breeder: Yoder, Mose
Business name: Triple Creek Farm
City, State Zip: Millersburg, OH 44654
Year: 2005
USDA License: 31-A-0134
Date of CAPS Investigation: 2005-03-02

Approximately 10 dogs. Breeds: Pugs, Miniature Pinschers

This kennel was in a barn about 60 feet long and 30 feet wide with metal walls, a peaked metal roof, and concrete flooring. There were 12 dog pens in a row, each with inside and outside cages connected by plastic doggy doors framed in wood. The inside pens were about 3.5 feet long, two feet wide, and three feet high, had wooden beams along the bottoms of the pens, rusting, thin-gauge wire for walls, and no roofs. Each dog pen contained a single adult Pug or Miniature Pinscher, each of which had a bronze tag hanging from a collar around its neck.

Each inside cage contained a dog house, about 1.5 feet long, wide, and high, made of untreated wood. The corners of the dog houses were chewed and broken in several places (3.1(c)(1)- Surfaces). There was straw and wood chips on the flooring of the cages and more than 24 hours’ accumulation of feces in each inside pen (3.11(a)-Cleaning of primary enclosures).

Each cage had a metal or plastic food dish placed on the floor (3.9(b)-Feeding). The water dishes contained ice (3.2(a)-Heating, cooling and temperature) (3.10-Watering).

A wooden board against the inside of the barn wall and about four feet above the flooring of one cage had a white, plastic five-gallon bucket on top of it with a wooden board about a foot wide and long on top of it (3.1(b)-Condition and site).

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