Breeder: Sandy Wisdom
Address: 9514 N 435 Rd
City, State, Zip: Adair, OK 74330
USDA License: 73-A-2733

Date and time of CAPS Investigation: 03/08/22, 1517

Weather at time of investigation: 40°F and partly cloudy

Approximate number of dogs and puppies observed at time of investigation: 12 dogs (not all dogs on the property were observed, as most were blocked from view)

Breeds: French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

The property contained myriad buildings arranged in mostly a haphazard order. Kennel buildings were north south, and east of the residence. Chicken coops were east of the residence, between several kennel structures. All kennel buildings visible to me, of which there were five, had rows of indoor/outdoor enclosures on them. The were about four to six encloures in each of the rows, and they appeared to be located on both the east and west sides of each kennel structure. Five of the buidings’ enclosures were on the ground, with concrete floorings, while one had elevated cages.

There were numerous structures blocked from my view, and it is unknown to me if they also contained dogs.

I saw one to two dogs per enclosure in which I saw dogs, though at least half of the enclosures were not fully visible to me. Enclosures were about four to five feet long and 2.5 feet wide, with wire walls. I saw several dogs pace their enclosures for up to a minute at time, walking back and forth repeatedly at a quick pace, even when no activity was evident in the area. Such behavior is a sign of anxiety and extreme boredom from a lack of exercise (3.8 Exercise for dogs).

Discarded junk and equipment littered the property. A building at the eastern end of the property, located in a central area just south of a chicken coop, had various debris stored near it. Dogs in runs at the west side of the building were visible near a pile of what appeared to be plastic tubes, sheeting, and old farm equipment stored within several feet of the dog runs (3.1 Housing facilities, general (b) Condition and site). Two of the kennel buildings were on the south side of the property. They were placed so that they had dog runs about 20’ from each other and a small barn was placed between them. The barn was within about six feet of the dog runs, and several stacked wooden pallets, a metal cattle gate, and a pile of old tires were stored next to it (3.1 Housing facilities, general (b) Condition and site). The south side of the building with elevated cages on it had a blue, plastic gallon jug with a handle on it set next to the wall (3.1 Housing facilities, general (b) Condition and site).

This breeder sells through Pinnacle Pet (CVI 2021).

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