Where to Adopt your Companion Animal


Adopt a companion animal. Every year, animal shelters destroy millions of dogs – including purebreds and puppies – and cats. PLEASE adopt a companion animal from your local shelter, humane society, rescue organization (some specialize in a particular breed) or veterinarian. In addition, many pet supply stores, such as Petsmart or Petco, sponsor adoption days.

You can also find animals to adopt at these websites:

Visit the internet,, and do a keyphrase search to get a list of resources. Enter the phrase “animal adoption.”  Because google has a general idea of where you are located, you’ll get general but also a list of local results. It will display a map and a phrase like, “Local business results for Animal Adoption near Denver, CO – Change location.” Select “Change location” to fix your location if it is incorrect and zero in on the results.

Follow this link: Google: Animal Adoption

In the results you’ll see one called a Cattery. There are those for boarding and those for breeding.  Avoid commercial breeding catteries! Ask smart questions. Don’t support commercial breeding facilities, puppy mills or catteries.

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