West Hollywood City Council to Vote on Ordinance Banning Sale of Dogs and Cats in Pet Shops


West Hollywood City Council to Vote on Ordinance Banning Sale of Dogs and Cats in Pet Shops

Event date: 2010-02-01
Publication name: CAPS
URL for more info: see the list of Youtube videos

Following a CAPS undercover investigation into West Hollywood pet stores and a five and a half month protest of Elite Animals, West Hollywood City Council will be voting on an ordinance that will prohibit the sale of dogs and cats in pet shops, with an exemption for the adoptions of shelter and rescue animals.
This is a very important vote concerning animals in pet factories and this ordinance, if it passes, will have a wide-ranging effect. We would like all the activists who participated in our anti-puppy mill campaign to join us at the council hearing in support of this ordinance. If you are a leader of a group (rescue, animal rights/welfare, etc) or expert in the dog/cat field (vet, shelter director, SPCA Director, rescuer, trainer, etc.) or if you are a resident of the City of West Hollywood or a celebrity, we urge you to attend and speak. Even if you cannot make the meeting next Monday, you can write a letter of support from your organization.
The meeting will be at 6:30pm, on Monday Feb.1st, at 647 N. San Vicente in West Hollywood, just across the street from the Pacific Design Center.
We are on the verge of a major celebration. Come ready to cheer. This might just turn into a party.

View footage and news stories about the CAPS protest at Elite Animals, which obtained dogs from USDA licensed dog brokers  Gerry and Angie Wensmann, who run a puppy mill in Minnesota that CAPS has investigated twice.  CAPS protested Elite Animals for nearly six months.  The store no longer sells animals although the owner told us that she might buy from California-based breeders (Southern California has a number of unlicensed puppy mills).

On behalf of animals suffering in pet shops and mills and for those who die in shelters every day because people continue to buy puppies and kittens rather than adopting from shelters and rescue organizations, we thank you.

Deborah Howard, President, Companion Animal Protection Society 
Carole Davis, West Coast Director, Companion Animal Protection Society
Carole Sax, Campaign Coordinator, Companion Animal Protection Society

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