Breeder: Deborah Warren
Business name: Misty Dew Kennels
Address: 6118 Lawrence 2220
City, State, Zip: Pierce City, MO 65723
USDA License: 43-A-3278
Date of CAPS Investigation: 11/8/19
Time of CAPS Investigation: 14:10

Weather at time of investigation: 45°F and sunny

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: 8 (not all dogs were observed)

Breeds: Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier

I was only able to observe part of one kennel building, as my view was blocked by one of two barns nearby. The kennel building that I was able to observe had elevated outdoor cages extending from one side, with one row set above another. Each cage was approximately 3’ long x 2’ wide x 2’ tall, with doggie-doors allowing access to the indoor portions of the enclosures. I was only able to see two cages above two others, with two dogs evident per cage. My view of the rest of the outdoor cages was blocked by the barn.

Breeder is connected to the following stores:

  1. Puppy Palace, NJ (from a 2018 list of breeders for the store submitted to the state)
  2. Lil Rascals, FL (CVI 2017; CVI 2016)
  3. Imperial Puppies, FL (CVI 2017; CVI 2016)
  4. Puppies Secret (11924 SW 8th St), FL (CVI 2017; CVI 2016)
  5. Puppies Secret (9541 SW 40th St), FL (CVI 2017; CVI 2016)
  6. Puppies To Go, FL (CVI 2017; CVI 2016)
  7. Quality Doggies, FL (CVI 2017; CVI 2016)
  8. Puppies Store at Doral, FL (CVI 2017; CVI 2016)
  9. Breeder’s Pick, FL (CVI 2017; CVI 2016)
  10. Bob’s Tropical Pet Center, Ridgewood, NY (CVI 2017)
  11. Northern Aquarium & Pets, Flushing, NY (CVI date unknown)
  12. Puppy Land Inc., Jamaica, NY (CVI date unknown)
  13. Teacup Pup Corp., Forest Hills, NY (CVI date unknown)
  14. Shake A Paw Hicksville, Hicksville, NY (CVI date unknown)

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