V.I. Pets
6701 Division Ave S
Grand Rapids, MI 49548
(616) 281-3900

Date and time of CAPS investigation: 3/21/24, 15:57

Approximate number of puppies observed at time of investigation: 0 puppies

There were a few pens in a corner of the store beneath a sign that read “PUPPIES,” but no puppies were in the store. An employee told me that the store had none at the moment but expected more in later in the week and said that the store usually has puppies. He and another worker explained that puppies are usually sold $1,000 each. I asked what the health guarantee for puppies is, and an employee said, “I believe it’s if the dog has health diseases or genetic diseases that significantly affect its value, we can trade it out for another one.”

Employee knew little information about breeders

I asked where the puppies come from, and a worker said they use “a couple of specific breeders.” She added, “One of them is actually my manager’s mom. They’re going to be the Havanese mixes that we get in.” I asked what conditions dogs are kept in, and if they are kept in cages or homes. An employee told me, “I know for sure my manager’s mom is definitely just at the house. I think that’s basically what the other ones are, too. It’s just family. I’m not for sure about them, that that’s all of them. A couple of them, for sure.”

I then asked the employees if they knew how long dogs are bred for and what happens to the dogs when they are no longer bred. One of the employees said, “I don’t, but I know that my manager and the owner are very ethical, especially when it comes to animals.”

Breeder information obtained from Certificates of Veterinary Inspection

The Michigan Department of Agriculture was unable to provide Certificates of Veterinary Inspection for out-of-state breeders selling to this store.



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