USDA Investigation in Minnesota: Fall 2001

Chi Chi: Chi Chi is a Chihuahua puppy. He was covered in urine and had extremely long toenails. Chi Chi is quite shy around people. Paws & Claws, a no-kill shelter in Rochester, Minnesota, placed him in a new home.


Jasper: Jasper is a Jack Russell mix puppy. CAPS investigators came across him while trying to find a nearby puppy mill. He had been left outside so that a car would hit him. Jasper had no food or water and his collar was too tight. Thanks to Paws & Claws, he has a permanent home.


Howard: Howard is a mixed breed puppy. He had runny eyes and urinated submissively. Howard found a wonderful home with a groomer who provided care to some of our Minnesota rescue dogs.

Chichi and Jack

Chi Chi and Jack looking in the mirror at a hotel room in Minnesota.

Chi Chi and Jack playing together in a Minnesota hotel room.

Gizmo: Gizmo is a ten-year-old Maltese from one of the worst puppy mills CAPS has investigated. We found him, covered with feces, living in filth and darkness. He had severe gum disease and needed two dental surgeries in which our rescue vet used tissue regeneration just to save the canine teeth. Gizmo has alopecia (hair loss) and cataracts.


Gizmo and Maxx: Maxx, an 18-month-old Min Pin, and Gizmo were living in the same puppy mill. Maxx was also covered with feces and living in darkness. He was very overweight and extremely timid. He had terrible gum disease and was missing his front teeth. Gizmo lives with our lead investigator. Maxx is with a rescue organization.


Sasha: Sasha is a nine-year-old Bichon. She was overweight at 17 lbs. and had granulomas on her paws. The ammonia in the breeding facility made her wheeze. She is quite hyperactive. Thanks to Paws & Claws, a no-kill shelter in Rochester, Minnesota, she now has a permanent home.


Job: Job is a one-year-old Lhasa Apso. He had glaucoma in the right eye. The eye was bulging out of the socket and had to be removed. The left eye has a cataract and is too small for the socket. Both eyes were infected. He was turning repetitive circles at the puppy mill. Paws & Claws found a home for Job.


HoneyHoney is a five-year-old Chihuahua. She was overweight, suffered from impacted anal glands and had calcium crystals in her urine. She also has cataracts and missing teeth. Paws & Claws found her a home.

Jack: Jack is a two-year-old Poodle. He had a bad ear infection and was very dehydrated. He loves being with humans and suffers from separation anxiety. Paws & Claws placed Jack in a new home.

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