Missouri Attorney General Sues Owner of Puppy Love Kennel


Missouri Attorney General Sues Horrible USDA-Licensed Puppy Mill with No Animal Welfare Action Violations

The Missouri Attorney General is taking legal action against Cory Mincey, the owner of Puppy Love Kennel, an egregious puppy mill in Elkland, Missouri. Missouri Animal Alliance for Animal Legislation, which works closely with CAPS, pressured the Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) and the Missouri Attorney General (AG) to enforce the state’s Animal Care Facilities Canine Cruelty Prevention Acts. CAPS Missouri Advisory Board member Bob Baker (former CAPS investigator and vice-president) is the executive director of Missouri Animal Alliance. Earlier this year, the Alliance submitted a list of some of the worst dog breeders in the state to MDA and to the AG’s office, requesting that these agencies take action to bring substandard breeders into compliance or close them down permanently.

The four puppies in this elevated enclosure were not provided with a large enough solid resting surface. The solid resting surfaces provided would not hold all of the puppies comfortably.
This elevated enclosure housing young puppies had an excessive amount of feces accumulation. These puppies did not have enough clean floor space to avoid contact with the feces in the enclosure.

Despite the action taken by the State of Missouri, the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has failed to find any Animal Welfare Act (AWA) violations at Mincey’s facility. Yet again, USDA has failed to enforce the AWA. The Alliance provided the critical MDA inspection reports and graphic photographs documenting Puppy Love’s violations to USDA, requesting that Director of Animal Welfare Operations Dr. Robert Gibbens explain why USDA failed to document violations at Puppy Love Kennel.

This female Pomeranian (microchip #0A02605702) was noted to have significant matting of her hair coat.
This female Toy Poodle (microchip #0A02232648) was noted to have significant matting of her hair coat.

Dr. Gibbens refused the Alliance’s invitation to personally inspect Puppy Love Kennel. Dr. Gibbens stated that “we have reviewed the findings of their [USDA veterinarians] inspections in 2017, 2018, and 2019 and believe they are accurate.”

At the request of Mr. Baker, CAPS President Deborah Howard sent a letter to Dr. Gibbens regarding the failure of USDA to find violations at Mincey’s facility. The letter also addressed the agency’s failure to take action against another horrific puppy mill: Stonehenge Kennel in West Point Iowa. Owned by notorious breeder/broker Steve Kruse, the facility has 1800 dogs and puppies at three locations.

The response by Dr. Gibbens to Ms. Howard’s letter was a form letter. Fortunately, the Missouri Department of Agriculture and Attorney General Schmitt are not relying on USDA to close down puppy mills in Missouri.

Please thank Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt for taking action against Puppy Love Kennel, especially if you are a resident of the state.

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