URGENT! Puppy Mill in Gorham, NY Coming Soon Despite 1 Yr Moratorium


Forwarded message:

Dear Animal Advocates,

As all of you may recall, the Gorham, NY Town Board voted unanimously on March 21 to adopt a one year moratorium on new puppy mills in that community. The adopted resolution, that is listed on the town’s website, gave this heroic town board a chance to review zoning and ordinances for what they will do in response to any future commercial dog breeding operations aka inhumane PUPPY MILLS.
Listening to an outraged community and after two public hearings voicing strong opposition, the town said no to puppy mills for one year.
Well, since that glorious victory, a “committee” including 4 Mennonite farmers (obviously biased on this matter) has been formed to evaluate what the future holds for Gorham post-moratorium and its single puppy mill applicant, Curtis Martin.  Martin, also a Mennonite, is a notoriously inhumane breeder as evidenced by his past inspections and is currently operating a huge puppy mill near Seneca Lake where he rents his property and soon must vacate.  I have recently received information from various sources that the Gorham is going to lift the moratorium SOON and give the OK to Martin (and who knows who else?) to start his breeding factory in Gorham.

It’s less than 2 months and it’s been said this decision is due to representation of outraged Mennonites on this committee and other NYS Mennonite puppy millers claiming the cruelty of puppy mills is all “propaganda” and they are nothing but responsible dog breeders!  We ALL know this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Please call and/or write to Gorham Town Supervisor, Fred Lightfoote and the Planning Board Officer, Gordon Freida to tell them to honor their community’s demand that no puppy mills be built in Gorham and going backward on their vote is irresponsible and outrageous, esp. in light of the very brief period of time that have given for evaluation and the people’s plea.  We MUST let them know that these puppies are being sold on the Internet and in pet stores without regard to health issues and that the breeding parents are inhumanely caged for life, among other atrocities.  Please go to to learn all the facts on puppy mill cruelty to respond responsibly to Gorham.

Here are the emails and phone numbers. PLEASE– call, call, call, write, write, write!!!

Fred Lightfoote, Gorham Town Supervisor
Phone: (585) 526-5231
Fax: (585) 526-4799

Gordon Freida, Building & Zoning Officer
Phone: (585) 526-5479
fax: (585) 526-4799

Lorry Schlick
President, NYS Citizens Against Puppy Mills

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