Update on USDA’s Case Against Kathy Bauck: USDA Shuts Down Puppy Mill


Update on USDA’s Case Against Kathy Bauck: USDA Shuts Down Puppy Mill

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Kathy Bauck’s USDA License is Terminated

Judicial Officer Denies Bauck’s Appeal

Due to the efforts of the Companion Animal Protection Society, Kathy Bauck will no longer be able to sell to pet shops and other dog breeders and brokers. On August 13, 2009, the USDA/APHIS filed a Motion for Summary Judgment requesting the termination of Bauck’s license. It is rare for the agency to request the revocation of a license, especially through the expedited means of a summary judgment. CAPS believes the use of a summary judgment was due to the pressure APHIS felt from our petition for rulemaking. This petition requests that Animal Welfare regulations be amended to require the automatic revocation of a USDA license upon the conviction in a court of law of a licensee, such as Bauck, for animal cruelty.

On September 29, the administrative law judge issued a Decision and Order in the Bauck case, granting APHIS’ motion for summary judgment. On October 29, Bauck appealed that decision to the judicial officer. APHIS filed a response to her appeal on November 18. The judicial officer’s Decision and Order dated December 2 terminated Bauck’s license. Bauck can file a petition for reconsideration, but based on the strong language in the December 2nd decision, it is almost certain that USDA will deny the petition.

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