Breeder: Monty, Darcy and Melissa Troyer
Business name: Riverside Kennels
Address: 205 2nd St.
City, State Zip: Milford, NE 68405
Year: 2015
USDA License: 47-A-0547
Date of CAPS Investigation: 05/30/15

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: none observed; breeder claimed to have more than a dozen

Breeds: Havanese, Poodles

I spoke to Mr. Troyer (Caucasian male, about 50 years old, 5’9”,185 lbs., with short, balding grey hair and glasses, and wearing a t-shirt that said “Troyer Farms” on it) at his residence at 205 2nd St in Milford, NE. Troyer claimed he had ten Havanese, two Poodles, and “a random scattering of other dogs.” Troyer explained that his inspectors give him “teachable moments” for minor violations such as rust, which he said will eventually go off of his record after “x amount of time.”

Statements contradicting pet store claims
He had several puppies that he was showing to a potential customer in his house, but he said, “Our kennel’s actually three and a half miles out in the country at my sister-in-law’s place. We bring our puppies here just to show.” This statement contradicts Blue Ribbon Puppies’ (Manorville, NY) claim that their breeders use foster families to raise their puppies, since the Troyer’s puppies are raised at a kennel and brought to a residence only to show to customers.

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