The Pet Zone
1 Salmon Run Mall Road
Watertown NY 13601

Date and time of CAPS investigation: 12/08/2018 207PM

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: 24 puppies

Puppies were kept in closed top wire cages on wire flooring. Some cages had bedding, some did not. I saw a Disclosure notice in the store.

I spoke with a female employee and asked where the puppies came from and if they were kept outside on wire. She replied “no”and said they came from USDA breeders with indoor and outdoor enclosures. She gave me a breeder name- Timothy Whittman, Loogoothee IN- and said that the puppies were transported by Choice Puppies. She said that she personally had not visited the breeder but her mamager had and goes every year. She showed me the most recent inspection report for Timothy Whittman, which was from 2016. She said she believed the breeders breed the dogs twice a year until the age of six or seven, and then the breeders either keep them or get them homes. The store only gets puppies, not adults.

Breeder identified:

Timothy Whittman, Loogoothee IN. There is no listing of this individual on the A Certificate Holders list.


Choice Puppies, 121 N Royhill Blvd, Goodman MO 64843 (also confirmed by CVI)

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