The Perfect Puppy
13 Taunton Street
Route 152
Plainville MA 02762
(508) 316-4456

Date and time of CAPS investigation: 10/08/2018; approximately 3:15 p.m.

Number of dogs observed at time of investigation: approximately 40 puppies.

The majority of the puppies were in open-topped enclosures with floors that were covered with shredded newspaper for bedding. Cage cards on the front of each enclosure provided information on breed, date of birth, city and state information. These cage cards listed the following towns and states: Christiana, PA and Lititz, PA. Three of the puppies had cages with wiring flooring and no bedding material.

A pet shop license and a state-required disclosure sign were on display.

A male employee, Jason or James (hereinafter J), told me that the puppies all came from USDA licensed breeders, not backyard breeders or puppy mills. The employee told me that the owners of The Perfect Puppy had been in business for many years using the same breeders. J told me that the puppies came from local breeders and were vaccinated and up to date with shots. He said the puppies came with a two-year guarantee. J mentioned that the other pet shops were in Scituate, RI and West Warwick, RI.

2018 Certificates of Veterinary Inspection show that The Perfect Puppy bought puppies from Violet Veitschegger, a USDA-licensed breeder in Stockton, MO. She had 88 dogs listed on a 2014 USDA inspection report. Her USDA violations include dogs with skin disease, a dog with a limp, a dog attack during an inspection, food mixed with gravel, broken and dirty enclosures.

I asked J if I could see breeder, veterinary and other information on the puppies. He said that the store did not give out specific information on breeders due to animal rights activists trying to cause trouble for the store and its breeders. J did show me some paperwork for one puppy and did point out the breeder name and veterinary information but I was unable to document it.

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