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Shown, Ruby

Breeder: Ruby Shown Address: 191899 N 4080 Rd. City, State, Zip: Antlers, OK 74523 USDA License: 73-A-2423 Date and time of CAPS Investigation: 3/18/22; 1504 Weather at time of investigation: 45°F and partly cloudy Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: Two Breeds:…Read more

CAPS Investigator’s Journal: An Iowa Puppy Miller’s Cruelty Case

Sheltie breeder investigated by CAPS has been charged with cruelty  and forced to relinquish all of his dogs BooBear didn’t always get to nap on the couch or bark excitedly to let his family know that it was play time. He didn’t always get treats…Read more

Grove, Tom

Breeder: Tom Grove Address: 15636 270th Ave City, State, Zip: South English, IA 52335 USDA License: none Iowa state license: none Date and time of CAPS Investigation: 11/14/22, 1403; 11/15/22, 11/18/22 1130 Weather at time of investigation: 11/14/22: 37°F and cloudy; 11/15/22: 32°F and cloudy…Read more
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