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CAPS Investigator’s Journal: The Truth Behind Select Puppies and Pet Connect Rescue

I’m Pete, the lead investigator for the Companion Animal Protection Society. Since 2003, I’ve been undercover to many hundreds of puppy mills and pet shops for CAPS. This work has helped shut down many notorious puppy mills, including the large-scale breeding and brokering facility of…Read more

David Salinas: California’s Pet Shop Kingpin

David Salinas has come a long way from selling puppies from the garage of his San Diego home. Today, he has an empire of 10 pet shops: five in Southern California, four in Utah and one in Nevada and is notorious for selling mill-bred puppies…Read more

Puppy Kisses Lies

Go undercover with CAPS as we expose the lies at Puppy Kisses in Danbury, CT (now closed). The owners of Puppy Kisses are behind Pet Connect Rescue in Missouri, a fraudulent rescue that is providing mill-bred "rescue" puppies to California pet shops to help them…Read more

Pet Shop Lies Exposed in New York

CAPS goes undercover to New York pet shops to expose lies about the sources of their puppies.Read more
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