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Los Angeles Says “NO” to Missouri Puppy Mills

October 31, 2012 Publication: Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation Summary: The Los Angeles City Council voted NO to puppy mill cruelty. It did so by passing an ordinance prohibiting the sale of dogs in pet stores in the City of Los Angeles. The only exceptions…Read more

Los Angeles Ordinance Banning Sale of Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits Passes

NEWS RELEASE Los Angeles Ordinance Banning Sale of Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits Passes Who: Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) Where: Cohasset, MA LA's City Council voted to ban commercially bred pets in the city's pet shops. (more…)Read more

LA City Council Approves Ban To Keep Stores From Selling Breeder Pets

October 31, 2012 Publication: CBS Los Angeles Summary: By a vote of 13-2 Wednesday, the Los Angeles City Council approved a ban that would keep stores from selling commercially bred dogs, cats or rabbits. Pet lovers will still be able to buy animals directly from…Read more

Los Angeles, California

Ordinance Number 182309October 31, 2012 (more…)Read more

Los Angeles City Council Passes Ban on Selling Commercially-Bred Pets

A landmark ordinance, spearheaded by CAPS, passed 12 to 2 in Los Angeles prohibiting the sale of commercially breddogs, cats, and rabbits in pet stores. (more…)Read more
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