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Mismanagement Continues at Orange County Animal Shelter in Southern California

Opinion Piece by Michael Mavrovouniotis, Former Volunteer at Orange County Animal Care What’s going on at  Orange County Animal Care in Tustin, California?  Shelter staff and volunteers are working hard, but the shelter is killing an increasing percentage of its animals.  Adopted animals are often…Read more

CAPS Saves At-Risk Shelter Dogs

National Nonprofit Develops Plan for Kern County Animal Services in Bakersfield, California Onyx, a sweet, 8-year-old black and white Pit Bull, could barely walk down the street. Beaten and starving, his face covered in dog bites, he had been adopted out for free by Kern…Read more

New York and California Legislative Updates

New York and California Legislative Updates Banning the Sale of Dogs, Cats and Rabbits at Pet Shops Money talks. We all know it. The purveyors of mill-bred animals know it, too—it’s the whole reason they created their twisted industry. To make money. Here at CAPS,…Read more
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