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CAPS Investigator’s Journal: An Iowa Puppy Miller’s Cruelty Case

Sheltie breeder investigated by CAPS has been charged with cruelty  and forced to relinquish all of his dogs BooBear didn’t always get to nap on the couch or bark excitedly to let his family know that it was play time. He didn’t always get treats…Read more

A CAPS Investigation of Puppy Heaven

Watch our short documentary about Puppy Heaven, a Las Vegas pet shop that sells puppies online without a USDA license. Formerly based in the Los Angeles area, this seller of teacup and toy breeds, was delivering already purchased puppies to SoCal customers in parking lots,…Read more

Adopt a Cat: Help Stop Pet Shops and Kitten Mills

This PSA shows footage from undercover CAPS investigations of pet shops selling kittens and of the USDA-licensed mills that supply them. The video also features Heaven on Earth cat shelter in North Hollywood, California and urges people to save a life by adopting. Take Action:…Read more

USDA Bars the Public from Viewing Puppy Mill Inspection Database

The USDA has barred the public from viewing its online database of licensed dog and cat breeding facilities. The USDA also terminated public access to the inspection reports of those facilities. Without the database, it’s nearly impossible for the public to discover if a dog…Read more

California Bans Puppy Mills from Pet Shops

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