Summer Companion Animal Activities


The summer can be a fun season for companion animal and owner alike, but it can also be dangerous. Leaving animals in an enclosed environment such as a car is inhumane and can lead to injury or death. The temperature inside an enclosed area can easily reach twenty to forty degrees above the temperature outside, turning an fine eighty degree day into a sweltering one hundred twenty degree trap.

Some tips on keeping your dog safe in hot weather:

“If you must leave your dog alone, make sure they have plenty of cold water and shaded space. If possible, leave a fan on for them or even the air conditioning, even if you keep it on low.”

“Only engage in active play when it is cool out. While it’s tempting on a hot day to go for a run or toss a disc around, sometimes it’s too much for your dog. You can still enjoy these activities – just after the sun starts to go down or before it’s highest in the sky.”

“Always have cold water on hand. You wouldn’t deprive yourself of water, would you? Your dog is just as thirsty.”

There are also products, such as the Canine Cooler Bed, designed to keep dogs and other companion animals cool when it is warm outside.

Some tips on keeping cats and rabbits safe in hot weather:

“Cats, of course, need plenty of cool water during hot weather. White cats can become sunburned if they lay in the sun too long. Even they’re indoor cats, they can get sunburned through a sunny window.”

“To control the temperature of their environment and to keep them safe from predators, rabbits should be kept inside. The temperature inside their houses should not drop below 60 or go above 75 degrees. Heat stroke can occur in a rabbit at 80 degrees.”

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