Resolution 423-14
June 17, 2014 Thanks in part to CAPS’ efforts, Suffolk County became the first in New York State to pass a ‘puppy mill’ law on June 2014. Even though the ordinance was not an outright ban, it implemented stricter rules for pet dealers and prohibited the sale of animals from proven puppy mills. This landmark legislation was possible because of a push, by CAPS and other animal welfare organizations, on New York State government to allow municipalities to enforce stricter local regulations for pet dealers. A “Pet Dealer” Bill was signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo on January, 2014, and for the first time communities were able to choose if they wanted to enact tougher rules for pet dealers.

“Today is a victory for Suffolk County’s animal advocates and puppy mill breeding dogs. The passage of the “Puppy Mill Bill” is a testament to how we can produce positive results for companion animals by working closely with other animal advocacy groups. It has been a privilege to work with local legislators and educate them on the connection between puppy mills and our local pet dealers. This bill is a first step in stopping Suffolk County’s pet dealers from sourcing puppies from puppy mills. It holds pet dealers accountable, something that was long overdue.”

Barbara Dennihy
New York Director 
Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS)

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