Business name: Stone Barn Kennel
Address: 66 Stone Barn Ln
City, State Zip: Belleville, PA
Year: 2007
Date of CAPS Investigation: 2007-11-01
Time of CAPS Investigation: 16:45
Note: Pennsylvania kennel class: K3
Breeds: Jack Russell Terriers, Chihuahuas

There were about 30 dogs and 12 puppies in the kennel at the time of investigation.

Kennel description
Stone Barn Kennel was a single building with indoor/outdoor cages on each of its two longest sides. Small dogs of various breeds were housed in the kennel, some cages used to hold breeders while others held nursing mothers and/or puppies. Each side of the barn with cages had a one row of cages above the other. Some cages held two breeders while others had litters of puppies or a whelping dog and her puppies.

Jack Russell litter
I walked into the barn from the single doorway accessing it, and saw that at the bottom cage furthest from me and to my left there were six Jack Russell Terrier puppies. One had a bloody sore below its right eye (PA Dog Law: 21.30 Condition of dog).

Another Jack Russell puppy had two severely infected eyes that were weeping mucus and what appeared to be pus. The left eyelids were swollen and covered in so much discharge I couldn’t see the eyeball. The puppy was also lethargic, sitting in one place with its head down while the other puppies jumped up and down around it. The puppy also appeared thinner than its littermates (PA Dog Law: 21.30 Condition of dog).

PA Dog Law informed me that a state dog warden inspected Stone Barn Kennel the day after I visited the facility and had notified Jesse Smith’s office that there was a severely sick puppy on the property. The information I received via e-mail was that the Jack Russell puppy I documented was not on the property on 11/2/07.

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