Breeder: Dee and Debbie Smith
Business name: Prarie Creek Kennel
Address: 23649 Hwy MM
City, State Zip: Lebanon, MO 65536
Year: 2015
USDA License: 43-A-2386
Date of CAPS Investigation: 03/18/15

Breeds: Lhasa Apsos, Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzus.

I saw two kennel structures containing dogs at Prairie Creek Kennel. One was a Sundowner kennel with two dogs visible. Debbie Smith told me, however, that they were moving dogs from this kennel and dismantling it. There were two metal buildings on the property, one with indoor/outdoor dog runs attached to it. I had limited access to each building.

I entered the central building through a doorway near the parking area, which opened to an office. A window in that room allowed me to see a grooming area where Debbie Smith, her daughter, and another woman were grooming dogs. I saw several unoccupied, elevated cages on a back wall of the grooming area. I could hear the barking of dozens of dogs in the building.

Lhasa Apso runs
One side of the building contained dog runs. Sixteen runs with galvanized wire walls, treated-wire doors, and concrete floorings were visible. The pens had metal doggie-doors, except one pen containing a Shih Tzu and two Lhasa Apsos. This pen had no doggie door in the building wall that would allow access to the indoor portion of the dog run. Each pen held two to three dogs. The white Lhasa Apos all had brown and yellow stains on the fur of their bellies, legs, and faces (Sec 3.6 Primary Enclosures (a) General requirements (2)(v) Enable dogs to remain dry and clean).

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