Catherine Slane
64632 Meissen Ln
Deer Island, OR 97054
USDA License: none found

Date and time of CAPS investigation: 10/21/21, 1457

Weather at time of investigation: 67°F and overcast, ground was soaked from rain earlier in the day

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: 14

Breeds: Catahoula Leopard Dogs

Slane’s rental property had a large one-story house with a front porch and two trailers on it. I heard a dog barking from inside the house, but five dogs were outside. Near the front of the house was a concrete slab with four chain link dog pens on it, each about five feet by six feet in size, with one having walls about five feet tall and the other two having walls about three feet tall. Tarps were placed on top of them, and each had a plastic igloo-style doghouse on top of a wooden pallet inside, as well as buckets for food and water. Only one had a dog in it, and nearby there was a wooden doghouse near a wooden pallet with a tire on top of it, and a 50-gallon meal barrel on its side on small stilts so it was lifted off of the ground while on its side, with the top converted to a covered doggie-door. 

Two dogs were nearby, in separate areas under trees, tied to trees with cords that appeared to be about six to eight feet long. One dog had a plastic doghouse nearby, while the other was near an upside-down boat, about the size of a canoe but twice as wide. The dog near the canoe was on top of a hill that had tarps strewn across objects underneath. There were metal barrels, pieces of carpet, a pet carrier, bowls, buckets, and a folding table scattered across the area at the bottom. 

Near the hill was a metal shed, and on the side facing the hill was an outdoor enclosure containing two Catahoula dogs. The enclosure was about 10’ wide and 30’ long, made with galvanized wire walls. A tarp was stretched over it, with a plastic chair on top the tarp where it connected to a wooden doghouse set against the shed. Two empty metal dishes were inside the pen, as well as a plastic bucket. The flooring was dirt with a small amount of crushed rock and wood chips on it, as well as what appeared to be about three days’ worth of feces scattered about in it. Plastic chairs, a tarp covering unknown items, and buckets littered the area in front of the pen so heavily that the view to it was almost entirely blocked from the driveway adjacent to it. 

Evidence contradicting pet store claims:

The employee named Eric at Critter Cabana in Newberg, OR claimed that the store’s breeders keep dogs in their homes and treat them like pets. The horrible conditions at the Slane property contradict Eric’s claim. The employee named Sarah at the store claimed that Critter Cabana employees “do home checks and make sure in every shed, every garage, every everything that there are not excessive kennels.” Slane’s dogs being tied to trees and living in a feces-covered pen behind a garage contradicts Sarah’s claim.

Breeder is connected to the following stores:

  1. Critter Cabana, 516 E 1st St, Newberg, OR 97132

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