Breeder: Ruby Shown
Address: 191899 N 4080 Rd.
City, State, Zip: Antlers, OK 74523
USDA License: 73-A-2423

Date and time of CAPS Investigation: 3/18/22; 1504

Weather at time of investigation: 45°F and partly cloudy

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: Two

Breeds: Small-breed terriers

There were several structures on the property, though only one was clear a kennel building. It was a small barn with elevated indoor/outdoor cages on two sides. The barn was closer to the road than the residence, and a large wall blocked view to the cages facing the road. Cages were about three feet long and two feet wide and tall, with doggie-doors allowing access to indoor portions of the enclosures. Other barns nearby had wire walls creating pens that were about 15’ across, though no dogs or doghouses were evident in them.

I saw two dogs in cages, being in separate cages. They appeared to be long-haired terriers that were each about 20 lbs in weight. As I viewed them, they ran back and forth in their cages for up to a minute at a time, one repeatedly jumping up against the wire wall at the far end of the dog’s enclosure. No stimuli was obvious as the dogs did so, other than a loose large-breed dog. When the larger dog ran by the terriers, their behavior did not change. This kind of pacing is a sign of extreme anxiety and boredom (3.8 Exercise for dogs).

This kennel sells puppies through Pinnacle Pet (CVI 2021).

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