Breeder: Fannie J. Schwartz
Address: 3659 Normandy Rd
City, State, Zip: Seymour, MO 65746
USDA License: 43-A-6110
Date of CAPS Investigation: 11/6/19
Time of CAPS Investigation: 11:04

Weather at time of investigation: 53°F and overcast

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: 68

Breeds: Chihuahua, Pug, Poodle, Cocker Spaniel

I observed a kennel that was located on the southern end of the property, east of the driveway leading to the residence. The kennel consisted of two rows of 17 indoor/outdoor pens, the outdoor portions being about 15’ long x 4’ wide. These had doggie-doors allowing access to smaller indoor areas within the covered, metal building. The pens had galvanized mesh walls and rock floorings, with two dogs per pen. A space between the pens, about 50’ long x 6’ wide with a rock flooring identical to the pen floorings, had what appeared to be some manure scattered around it, indicating that it possibly served an exercise area for the dogs.

Breeder is connected to the following stores:

Fashionable Pets, NJ (store visit 8/7/19)
Puppy Love, CT (store visit 4/21/19)

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