Breeder: Crystal Savage
Kennel Name: Stonebriar Ranch aka Apple’s Puppy Orchard
Address: 743 Boydston Rd
City, State, Zip: Bokchito, OK 74726
USDA License: none found

Date and time of CAPS investigation: 02/04/21, 1402

Weather at time of investigation: 59°F and sunny

Approximate number of dogs and puppies observed at time of investigation: 25 dogs and five puppies

Breeds: French Bulldogs, Australian Shepherds, unknown Terrier breed

The kennel had several structures and rows of pens arranged in a haphazard order, and it’s possible some were not visible to me. The easternmost structure was a metal barn with about 11 indoor/outdoor concrete runs on the eastern side. Each run was about three feet wide and six feet long, with galvanized wire walls, and two French Bulldogs inside. The eastern side had several elevated wire cages with indoor/outdoor dog doors on them. I saw a French Bulldog in the northernmost cage. Nearby were two pairs of stacked wire cages, sitting outside and with no animals inside.

The northern side of the property had a row of three outdoor runs with galvanized wire walls and plastic barrels for dog houses, each pen about three feet wide and six feet long. An Australian Shepherd was visible in one pen, and. Corgi was visible in anoher. Several similar pens were located west of them, with a row of several outdoor pens arranged in a row to the south. I saw French Bulldogs pacing back and forth in the pens to the south.

East of the runs was a row of outdoor dog pens with wire walls, with a tarp placed up so it blocked my view to what was inside or how many pens there were. Nearby was a building with and pen on its western side, a doggie-door allowing access to the indoor portion of the area. I saw a white terrier of about 40 pounds in weight with about five puppies, each about four pounßds in weight, walking around her feet and trying to nurse from her.

This breeder is an internet seller. She sells on under the names Crystal and Apple’s Puppy Orchard. On, the breeder claims, “All my babies are not kennel dogs they are part of our family and are running free in the back yard!”

The Animal Welfare Act sets general standards for humane care and treatment of animals who are sold sight unseen (internet sales). Breeders – those with at least five breeding females – who are selling online must have a federal license (2.1 (a) Requirements and application).

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