Undercover with CAPS: An Investigation of Pet Shops in Riverhead, NY


Puppy Experience and Sportsman’s Kennels, both pet shops investigated several times by CAPS, are suing Riverhead, NY over the town’s ordinance banning the retail sale of dogs and cats. CAPS General Counsel John Maher is representing Riverhead.

New York law mandates that local ordinances may not result in essentially banning all sales of dogs or cats raised and maintained in a healthy and safe manner. A recent CAPS investigation of Puppy Experience and Sportsman’s Kennels proves that the puppies at these pet shops were and are not being raised in a healthy and safe manner. In addition to buying puppies from Midwest mills, Sportsman’s Kennels has a breeding facility adjacent to the pet shop with around 100 breeding dogs. Recent inspections by the state found serious violations.

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