Breeder: Valente B Rios (AKA Valente Barriga)
Address: 102 G B Fisher St
City, State, Zip: Osgood/Galt, MO 64641
USDA License: 43-A-5652
Date of CAPS Investigation: 11/12/19
Time of CAPS Investigation: 12:51

Weather at time of investigation: 19°F and sunny

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: 10 (not all dogs were observed)

Breeds: Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon Frise, Golden Retriever, Maltese

I had difficulty determining how many buildings were part of the kennel due to the large number and arrangement of structures on the property. Several structures were visible north of the property residence, to the south of a large barn. I observed that two of the structures had elevated indoor/outdoor cages on their eastern sides, one with five cages and the other with four. These structures had doggie-doors offering access to the indoor portions. While I couldn’t see the western side of one structure, I could see four elevated cages on the western side of the other structure. Cages were approximately 3’ long x 2’ wide x 2’ tall. I did not observe dogs in all outdoor cages, possibly due to the cold weather.  In the outdoor cages where there were dogs, I observed only one dog per cage.

Located at the south end of the structure described above as having five cages was an elevated wire cage about 4’ wide x 4’ long x 5’ tall. I observed a single dog, possibly a Maltese, step into the enclosure before walking in a circle and disappearing from view to an area out of sight that was blocked by the nearby kennel building.

West of the enclosures described above, I observed several rows of elevated wire cages with indoor and outdoor portions that extended from buildings. However, I was unable to determine the exact number of enclosures due to other kennel buildings that blocked my view. One row had cages approximately 5’ wide x 5’ long x 5’ tall.  This row had what appeared to be white plastic sheets covering 50-75% of the outer walls of the cages, thus limiting the view of dogs inside. I observed a Golden Retriever in one cage, and two Golden Retrievers in another.

I observed a row of elevated cages lined up east to west between the kennel structures.  This row had galvanized mesh walls, which obstructed my view of the cages. I was unable to determine if or where the cages were connected to inner portions of a kennel building.  However, there was a building just north of them and situated such that the cages could be running off of it. I observed one to two Bichon Frises in each of two cages that had an unobstructed view of the dogs within.

I observed an additional structure located at the southern end of the property. I was unable to determine if it was a kennel, but its east end had a portion extending from the building that was elevated on wooden stilts approximately 2.5’ above the ground to a metal sheet that covered something extending approximately 3’ off the building and approximately 3’ tall. Above the covered area was open to the building it extended from. The area appeared to be kennel structures, such as covered wire cages or open-topped cage runs that obstructed dogs’ views to the outside.

Evidence contradicting pet store claims:

During a CAPS investigation of Teacup Pups (formerly a World of Pups ’n Pets) in Brooklyn, New York on 10/22/16, a store employee told the undercover investigators that the store’s breeders dogs “have a nice little area where they have no cage, only for nighttime. So, they’re actually running around in little fields, except for nighttime.” These statements are contradicted by the evidence I obtained while investigating Valente Rios’ facility, where I observed dogs in dozens of wire cages, some as small as 3’x2’x2’, during the day, whose behaviors indicated a severe lack of exercise and stimulation.

Also during this store investigation on 10/22/16, the store employee told CAPS’ undercover investigators that the store’s breeders’ cages are “perfect and very big” and that the dogs “can just go in and sleep in a cage at night.”  These statements are also contradicted by the evidence I obtained while investigating Rios’ facility, where the cages were not big, nor did the dogs have the option of leaving their runs if they wanted do.

During a different CAPS undercover investigation of Teacup Pups on 5/11/18, the store’s owner, who identified himself by writing his name down as “Pete” on a business card before handing it to the investigator but whom CAPS believes to be Gary Nudelman, told the investigator that his breeders “usually do only one breed” and that dogs have space to run in open kennels instead of cages.  “Pete” showed the investigator a USDA inspection report for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy listing its breeder as Valente Rios in Galt, Missouri USDA 343-A-5652. The store owner’s statements are contradicted by the evidence I obtained while investigating Rios’ facility, where dogs were kept in cages, not open kennels, nor did they have space to run as was evidenced by their pacing behaviors which indicated a severe lack of exercise and stimulation.

Breeder is connected to the following stores:

  1. CT Breeder, CT (store visit 4/22/19)
  2. Glamorous Puppies, FL (CVI 2017)
  3. Nessy’s Puppies of Kendall, FL (store visit 2/13/18)
  4. Puppy Palace, NJ (2018 list of breeders submitted to the state)
  5. Puppies Secret, FL (CVI 2017)
  6. Puppy Store at Doral (CVI 2017)
  7. Puppies To Go, FL (CVI 2017)
  8. Puppies World of Miami, FL (CVI 2017)
  9. NY Breeder, White Plains, NY (CVI 2017)
  10. Westchester Puppies & Kittens, Hartsdale, NY (store investigation 4/9/16; CVI 2017)
  11. Teacup Pups/A World of Pups & Pets, Brooklyn, NY (CVI 2017)
  12. The Left Paw, New Hyde Park, NY (CVI 2018)
  13. American Dog Club, Lake Grove, NY (store investigation 4/9/2016)


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