CAPS rescues puppy mill dogs during our investigations of USDA licensed facilities. Many are unwanted breeding stock that are about to be destroyed – humanely or inhumanely – because breeders no longer view them as profitable. Puppy mill breeders often want to get rid of female dogs that cannot get pregnant, have difficult pregnancies or deliveries, or that don’t produce large enough litters.

CAPS also investigates and rescues dogs from puppy mill auctions. Puppy mill owners often disperse an entire breed, at auction, because of declining consumer popularity. As the number of puppy mills decline, breeders who are going out of business use these events to sell their breeding stock.

CAPS rescues sick or “defective” puppies, including those that have been returned to breeders and brokers by pet shops. Many of these rescued pups are in poor health due to neglect and inadequate veterinary care. CAPS covers their veterinary costs, including spaying and neutering.

After rehabilitation, CAPS works with shelters, rescue organizations, and individuals to provide foster care and permanent homes. We also make follow up contact with the families who adopted the rescued animals.

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