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So, you love dogs and have heard the saying “Adopt, Don’t Shop” and are looking to adopt a rescue dog. First, you must understand that many rescue dogs have been rescued from an animal mill or other stressful living situation. It takes love, patience, and understanding when getting to know and love your newest companion animal.

CAPS’ lead investigator of puppy mills and pet shops, “Pete Paxton,” recently published his new book, Rescue Dogs: Where They Come From, Why They Act the Way They Do, and How to Love Them Well. In the first half of the book, Pete discusses his undercover pet shop and puppy mills. Pete has conducted undercover investigations for animal protection groups, including CAPS, since 2001. Half of his investigations have been focused on animal mills — specifically puppy mills — and pet shops. The other half of his undercover work is focused on slaughterhouses, factory farms, and commercial fishing practices. Pete has had an exclusive look inside pet shops and puppy mills that not many others have the chance to do. This personal experience allows Pete to fully understand the connection between puppy mills, shelters, and dog rescues – which in turn, will help those looking to save a life and adopt a shelter or rescue animal.

In his book, Pete discusses his detailed work inside of puppy mills and exposes the lies most commonly told by pet shop owners and employees. As we have mentioned in our posts on social media as well as in other blogs, USDA-licensed “breeders,” which are actually puppy mills, are the source of puppies for almost all pet shops. Pete discusses how this process works. In a chapter titled, “The Perfect Puppy,” he talks further on his first undercover investigation he did for CAPS at the largest puppy brokerage facility in the U.S.: Hunte Corporation in Goodman, Missouri – a questionable name for a town that is home to what was then the largest USDA-licensed dog brokerage facility in the country.

Dylan Forest, author of the Animal People Forum  article, “If You Really Love Dogs, Adopt,”  explains how Rescue Dogs is the author’s chance to explain not just the commercial abuses dogs face but ways everyone can fight that abuse.” Pete states, “I’ve rescued many dogs, including fearful dogs from puppy mills who didn’t understand human contact. This enables me to give advice on how to bring home not just happy dogs from a shelter, but also fearful or abused dogs.” Read the full article HERE.

In another podcast called Our Hen House, co-host Mariann Sullivan talks to Pete about his incredible investigative work. In the podcast, Pete talks further about Rescue Dogs, specifically the heartbreaking story of a rescued dog named Daisy, his history of undercover investigations, including his many with CAPS, how adopting a dog in New York City can save a puppy mill dog’s life in Missouri, and the cultural, government, and legal connections between puppy mills and concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). You can listen to the full-length podcast HERE.

In the second half of Rescue Dogs, Pete explains the importance of rescue dogs to society. In his book, he shares a lot of rescue stories of dogs saved from puppy mills, abusive situations, and animal shelters. Most importantly, in part II of Rescue Dogs, Pete talks about why and how you should choose a rescue dog. There are many people who are looking for a “purebred” dog or a certain breed and have the mindset that they will not find that kind of dog at a shelter or dos rescue. However, that is not the case. Pete points out that there are many breed-specific rescues and foster home networks. He goes on to state, “With so many people buying puppies from breeders, breed-specific rescue groups offer you the option of being able to adopt the type of dog you want, saving a life, and not having to support a puppy mill.” Instead of supporting a puppy mill, you are adopting a puppy-mill survivor.

If you are looking to adopt a rescue dog of your own, or are curious about what goes on behind the scenes in puppy mills and pet shops, we at CAPS encourage you to pick up your own copy of Rescue Dogs: Where They Come From, Why They Act the Way They Do, and How to Love Them Well. This book is available now in bookstores everywhere, as well as online.


Other podcasts featuring Pete Paxton about Rescue Dogs:

Raise the Woof interviews CAPS’ lead investigator about his new book, Rescue Dogs. Animal-lover and advocate “Pete Paxton” has visited 700+ puppy mills. Now, he has a new book that pulls the curtain back on dog rescue, as well as his amazing work throughout the years. The podcast host said her jaw was on the floor for much of this interview.

In this podcast interview with Vegan Farm in Cow Town, Pete answers the questions: “Why are rescue dogs good for children who have special needs?” and “What do dogs and kids have in common?” He also shares what he’s learned about humans and animals in nearly two decades of undercover investigative work on behalf of animals.

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