Protesters Gather Again to Demonstrate Saturday Outside Puppy Parlor in Lisle


Publication/Event date: 2013-01-05
Publication name: Lisle Patch
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Wow, we had over 30 people at the protest today! Awareness is spreading about that back room at the Puppy Parlor on Main St. in Lisle. I have to ask once again, are those dogs ever taken outside? Do they have vet care? How old are those adult dogs in the cages? Do they ever touch grass? Do they ever see sunlight? When you stack those cages three high, where does the feces and urine go? In my opinion, this is a puppy mill. According to our inspection reports from the Illinois Dept. Of Agriculture, it states you have 40 to 60 ADULT DOGS TWO TO A CAGE in that back room. But nobody sees that back room. All they see are puppies for sale in the front of the store. I would really really like my questions above answered. If I owned a business, and someone were asking me questions, I would surely answer them. I’ve also included pictures of Nick & Tiffany Menne courtesy of Iowa Voters For Companion Animals, a breeder this store uses. Dogs outside all year round, no shelter from the elements. We’ll be here every Saturday from 1:00 – 3:00.

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