Protesters Eyeballing ‘I Heart Puppies’ Store in Corona del Mar

Publication/Event date: 2011-07-21
Publication name: Corona del Mar Patch
I Heart Puppies in Corona del Mar is expected to reopen today after being closed by the city for two days to comply with safety regulations. However, the animal-rights group that has been investigating the store is requesting that all its animals be put up for adoption citing findings from a USDA inspection report.
The Companion Animal Protection Society—a national nonprofit, investigative group—began its investigation into I Heart Puppies on July 5 after receiving complaints from residents. The group says its investigation shows that the store gets some of its dogs from Cricks Kennels in Nebraska, according to Carole Davis, the organization’s West Coast director. I Heart Puppies refutes that claim and says it gets its dogs only from Critters and Pets in San Diego. In a letter issued to I Heart Puppies and last week, CAPS asked the store owners to review evidence gathered from a USDA probe regarding one of the store’s breeders and requested the store put its dogs up for adoption with a nonprofit rescue organization by Friday or risk being the subject of a protest.

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