Petland of Cicero
5701 East Circle Drive #104
Cicero, NY 13039

password: capsedit

Date and time of CAPS investigation: 08/16/2018; 1:27 p.m

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: 20 puppies

Puppies lived in closed topped enclosures with wire flooring partially covered by rubber matting with no bedding. No cage cards were on the enclosures. There was the state-required sign stating that information on the source of puppies was available to prospective purchasers.

An employee named Samantha told me that the breeders were USDA licensed, and that if there were any problems with the parents they wouldn’t be able to breed them. CAPS’ investigations of more than 1,000 puppy and kitten mills, most of them USDA licensed, has uncovered many breeding animals with illness and hereditary defects. During investigations of USDA licensed facilities, CAPS has rescued breeding dogs, most of whom had serious medical issues and required extensive veterinary care.

Samantha showed me photos of the breeders’ kennels that she said were taken during their last trip to the breeders. She said all their breeders were in Ohio, and that Petland Headquarters checks on them every week. Petland stores rarely, if ever, visit the breeders that supply their stores. Most Petlands order from USDA licensed “B” dealers (brokers) who obtain puppies from USDA licensed “A” breeders. Unlicensed exempt breeders can also sell to brokers, so her claim that all the breeders are licensed is incorrect.

I asked Samantha for inspection reports for the breeders. She said she didn’t have the actual reports, but that if a breeder had violations within the last five years, Petland wasn’t allowed to take puppies from them per New York State Law. There is no such state law. Samantha’s claims that females are bred only every two years between litters per USDA, that dogs can only be bred so many times, and that the parents are adopted out when they retire are all false. Female dogs are bred on every heat until they are unable to breed or are producing litters that puppy millers consider to be too small. While some breeders sell or give their retired breeding stock to rescues, most have them euthanized. CAPS has investigated facilities or seen USDA inspection reports for breeders who use gunshot to kill their unwanted dogs.

Samantha showed me the Puppy Book for a specific puppy. This contained information such as breed, age, gender, breeder and vaccinations. There were no inspection reports regarding the breeder.

We believe that the breeders listed below are selling to Petland through Abe Miller, the largest broker in Ohio, who has changed the name of his kennel numerous times. During this time period, he was using the kennel names of Comfort Canines and Holmes for Canines. See 12/02/18 Petland Cicero investigation report.

Breeder information obtained during investigation:

Freeman S Raber, 2165 TR 152, Baltic OH 43804. 31-A-0074

An employee named Brigitte said that the breeders are USDA licensed and that the puppies came from some of the very bes 

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