Petland of Cicero
5701 East Circle Drive #104
Cicero, NY 13039

password: capsedit

Date and time of CAPS investigation: 12/02/2018; 1:27 p.m

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: 20 puppies

An employee named Brigitte said that the breeders are USDA licensed and that the puppies came from some of the “very best breeders” in the country. She said all of the breeding adults have to be genetically tested before they are allowed to breed, and that this ensures the happiest healthiest puppies possible. 

Brigitte said that the puppies did not come from cages in backyards and said “absolutely not” when asked about backyard breeders. She said the breeders were visited quarterly and are all in Ohio because that is Petland’s corporate office. She said that the breeders were always being inspected by Petland and also by the USDA. She gave me three breeders names upon request: Delbert Yoder, Millersburg OH; Wayne Mast, Walhondling OH; and Ella Raber, Baltic OH.  Petland stores rarely, if ever, visit the breeders that supply their stores. Most Petlands order from USDA licensed “B” dealers (brokers) who obtain puppies from USDA licensed “A” breeders.

She said that she has dogs from the store and has never has a problem. She told me that the breeders have three quarter of a million dollar facilities for their dogs, that the breeding adults are in the home and that the pregnant females go into the facility when they are ready to give birth, with each litter having their own separate play yard. USDA does not allow dogs to be kept inside homes. All dogs and puppies live in enclosures. USDA licensed kennels are not state-of-the-art expensive facilties. They are puppy mills.

When asked about breeding cycles, Brigitte said that USDA requires that dogs must be above the age of two to be bred, can only be bred once a year, and once they hit five years, they are retired. Brigitte’s statements on breeding contradict Samantha’s statements on 08/06/2018. None of Brigitte’s statements are accurate based on our investigations of more than 1,000 facilities, most of them USDA licensed.

We believe that the breeders listed below are selling to Petland through Abe Miller, the largest broker in Ohio, who has changed the name of his kennel numerous times. During this time period, he was using the kennel names of Comfort Canines and Holmes for Canines.

Breeder and broker information obtained from this investigation or through Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (interstate health certificates).

Freeman S Raber, 2165 TR 152, Baltic OH 43804 (USDA # 31-A-0074) 

Delbert Yoder, Millersburg OH – appears to be unlicensed

Wayne Mast, Walholding OH – appears to be unlicensed

Ella Raber, TR116, Baltic OH (no information with that name, but there is an Ervin Raber listed at 2039 Tr        116, Baltic OH, 31-A-0124

Nelson Coblenz, High Line Meadows, 2953 CR105, Belle Center OH 43310 (from CVI) 

Comfort Canines, 29945 CR10, Fresno OH 43824, 31-B-0146 (from CVI) – owned by Abe Miller

Holmes For Canines, 29939 CR10, Fresno OH 43824, 31-B-0146 (from CVI) – owned by Abe Miller






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