Pet Palace of New City
174 South Main Street, Ste 10
New City NY 10956

Date and time of CAPS investigation: 12/10/2018 334PM

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: 5

Puppies were kept in open topped wire enclosures on shredded newspaper on top of wire. I saw a Disclosure notice displayed in the store.

I spoke with a male employee who identified himself as Douglas the store owner. I saw the one of the two open topped pens had no water available for the dogs inside it- the bottle was empty. Douglas also noticed this and I saw him fill it with water.

(Violation of Article 26-A of the Agriculture and Markets Law, § 401. Minimum standards of animal care, 3. Feeding and watering. (d) Animals shall be provided with regular access to clean, fresh water, supplied in a sanitary manner sufficient for its needs, except when there are instructions from a duly licensed veterinarian to withhold water for medical reasons).

I asked Douglas about his breeders and he said they have to be licensed. He said that he trusts his breeders and can view their inspection reports for the last three years. He said that he cannot gets dogs from breeders if they have a critical violation. He said that he also breeds dogs himself. Douglas deflected further questions about his breeders.

(Violation of New York State General Business Law Article 35-D, Sale Of Dogs and Cats, § 754. Notice. Every pet dealer who sells an animal to a consumer shall post a notice clearly visible to the consumer and provide the consumer at the time of sale with a written notice, printed or typed, setting forth the rights provided under this article. Such notices shall be prescribed by the commissioner, but the written notice may be contained in a written contract, an animal history certificate or separate document, provided such notices are in ten-point boldface type. No pet dealer shall restrict or diminish by contract or otherwise, the rights provided under this article). I was not given breeder information when I asked for it.

Breeder information pertinent to this investigation:

J.A.K.S Puppies, 2685 Grant Avenue, PO Box 245, Britt IA 50423 USDA Licence: 42-B-0271 (from CVI)

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