Pet City Pets
1254 Ecorse Rd
Ypsilanti, MI 48198
(734) 487-0800

Date and times of CAPS investigation: 3/19/24, 11:21 and 17:00

Approximate number of puppies observed at time of investigation: 13 puppies

The store had puppies in banks of enclosures set into a wall. There were 16 enclosures, most about two feet tall and deep and five feet wide. Most of the enclosures were unoccupied, but others had two to four puppies each. They had thick-gauge wire floorings (some bare and some with pieces of newspaper partially covering the floorings) and solid walls ,and food and water dishes. The lighting was poor, with all of the puppies in shadow in their recessed enclosures. Breeds and prices for puppies were listed on enclosures, but no breeder information was available.

Employees admitted knowing nothing about breeders

I spoke to two employees at the store about where the puppies come from. They told me that they did not know much about breeders but claimed they were all local. One worker told me, “Mainly local breeders. Actually, a lot of customers.” I asked the worker if he knew anything about the breeders, and he said, “The actual breeders themselves? No.”

I was told that the owner, Stewart, knew about the breeders and that he would be back by three in the afternoon. I returned at five and was told the owner had come back and then left. An employee reiterated that all breeders are local, saying, “Everybody’s in Michigan, so I know that.” Another worker said, Like I said, too, some customers also come up and, Hey, you want to buy puppies?

Despite knowing nothing about breeders, employees claimed they don’t use puppy mills

The workers continued to say they knew nothing about breeders, and wouldn’t even verify if breeding dogs are kept in cages or not. One did tell me that the owner would know, and said, “Like I said, you don’t have to worry about them. I’m sure you’ll be comfortable. He’ll tell you everything. I know like the Aussies, he does get them from the Amish, so they’re farm dogs. So he does get them straight from them. They’re outside running, they’re in the barn. I’ve seen pictures where they got them on the straw on the hay.” I asked the worker, Okay. Cool. So he doesn’t get from any places like that, though? No puppy mill? He responded with “no” several times. The other worker then said, “We got puppy mills, like pups, you know what I’m saying? We get smacked by the humane society instantly.”

I was shown veterinary paperwork from a puppy’s folder but not breeder info. I called the store at 1320 on 3/26/24 to ask if I could get breeder information on a specific puppy from the store’s website, and verify the breeder wasn’t a puppy mill. I was told I’d have to speak to the owner to get such information, and that he wouldn’t be back to the store until 1700.

Breeder information obtained from Certificates of Veterinary Inspection

The Michigan Department of Agriculture was unable to provide Certificates of Veterinary Inspection for out-of-state breeders selling to this store.


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