We would like to hold a fundraising event in the Los Angeles area in the
very near future. Food, liquor and entertainment can be donated. However,
we are unable to find a reasonably priced decent venue. If you are a
commercial realtor and can help us find donated space for an evening event,
please contact me. If any of you can donate items for a silent auction,
please let me know. We plan to screen our upcoming Models Against Pet Shops
and Puppy Mills ads, as well as a PSA by an actor who was a regular in three
well-known TV shows.

A law firm in Los Angeles is donating their legal services for a lawsuit
against a pet shop chain. However, CAPS has to cover the costs associated
with the lawsuit. We don’t have these funds, so the lawsuit is being held
up. We are holding this event to raise funds for this lawsuit.

We are hoping to hold a similar event in NYC. If you can help us in NY,
where we are doing some incredible work, as we are in CA, please let me

Having lost two foundations, one who funded us since 1995 and another who
was a major donor, to the economic downturn, we are having a challenging
time financially. Unlike the large foundations, we don’t have the
membership base or investments to fall back on. We can’t send out constant
mailings. It is critical that we keep up our momentum. Last year was our
most successful ever and this year is going the same way.

With gratitude,

Deborah Howard
Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) (please use this email not FB)

P.S. If you haven’t already joined CAPS, please go to our website where you
can donate online. Thank you so much!

Stand With Us.

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