PayPal Donations Help / FAQ

Q: How are donations processed?

A: CAPS uses PayPal to process donations. After you fill out and select to have your donation processed on our site the donation information is sent to the official PayPal site to be processed. 

Do you store our credit card info?
A: We, CAPS, do not store or even see your credit card information. That all transpires on

Q: Do I have to have a PayPal account to donate?

A: No, if you don’t, after you are redirected to the PayPal website, please select the small "Continue" link  in the left column to pay by credit card.  However, if you attempt to use a credit card already on file with your email address, PayPal will recognize it and stop you.  You will get a response like:

"You cannot use an e-mail address or card number that belongs to an existing PayPal account. If you have a PayPal account, please log in. If you don’t, please change the e-mail address or card number and try again."

You either have to log into your PayPal account and do it that way or use an alternate credit card if you have one that is not linked to a PayPal account.

Q: I tried to pay using PayPal but it does not recognize my password, and of course I cannot use the "Continue" link because I only have one credit card and it is linked to my email address. What do I do?

A: This is tough because the problem is on their system, not CAPS.  The real solution is to follow the PayPal process to get your password reset.  Whether you do it now or later, this is something you might want to get fixed.  Try this number for PayPal, 1-888-221-1161, and  prepared to persist with accuracy until desired results.

However if that does not work you can send in a donation by postal mail or we can submit your donation through Network for Good.

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