Breeder: Kathy and John Parish (Caleb Nichols)
Business name: Purple Circle Bulldogs (K & J Kennels)
Address: 11354 Rock Creek Rd.
City, State Zip: Mansfield, AR 72944
Year: 2013
Date of CAPS Investigation: 2013-10-12
The temperature at the time of investigation was 67 degrees Fahrenheit and rainy.

On the premises at the time of investigation: approximately 100 – 150 dogs.

Breeds: English Bulldog, Husky, French Bulldog, Doberman Pinscher, and Chihuahua.

Building Type #1:
At first, Kathy Parish took me inside because of the rain and the fact that she was keeping her young puppies in the dining room. The puppy/whelping room was in the garage. Kathy said that the Bulldog puppies were in her dining room because she was bottle feeding them. After she showed me two litters, we went outside where there was a female adult Husky on a wire lead chained to a tree (Sec 3.6 Primary enclosure (c)(4) Prohibited means of primary enclosure). She had a plastic dog house about five feet from the tree (Sec 3.4 Outdoor housing facilities (b) (1)(2)(3) Shelter from the elements).

I asked Kathy if she bred the Husky. She stated she was about to breed her to a Pomeranian to create a Pomski litter. She then showed me a 12-week-old male Bulldog puppy with a blind eye. She claimed he had scratched it when he was younger and lowered the price on him because of this. The puppy was playing and running around with junk and clutter everywhere (Sec 3.1 housing facilities, general (b) Condition and site).

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