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Zimmerman, Alvin - Press Release

Alvin Zimmerman
Nov. 16, 2007
Department of Agriculture
Commonwealth News Bureau
Room 308, Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120
CONTACT: Nicole L. Cullison
(717) 787-5085


State Dog Wardens, Humane Officers Remove 29 Dogs from Lewisburg Kennel

HARRISBURG - State dog wardens helped humane officers to recover 29 dogs from an unlicensed Union County facility as part of Governor Edward G. Rendell's effort to crack down on unsatisfactory kennels, the Department of Agriculture said today.

On Nov. 13, state dog wardens visited Fairview kennel in Lewisburg to investigate a complaint about the facility operating without a license. The wardens found 29 of the 40 dogs were dirty, matted and living in unsanitary conditions, including excess fecal matter.

The owner, Alvin Zimmerman, is being charged by the wardens for operating a kennel without a license and failing to maintain sanitary conditions.

Jessie Smith, the state's special deputy for dog law, said any kennel with more than 26 dogs per year must obtain a license and be inspected annually.

"The conditions of the kennel were unsatisfactory and without a license it could not continue to operate," said Smith. "Upon finding evidence of poor sanitation, the wardens immediately contacted humane officers who removed the dogs."

Zimmerman previously held a kennel license, which was surrendered in 2006 due to problems with the kennel, including sanitation and cleaning deficiencies. Following the surrender of his license, Zimmerman voluntarily reduced the number of dogs housed. Smith said sometime between the kennel license revocation in 2006 and the inspection this month, Zimmerman increased the number of dogs at the kennel to more than is allowed by law.

In October 2006, Governor Rendell announced sweeping changes to the state's dog law and regulations. The Governor also took actions to increase the enforcement of current laws by naming Smith as a special deputy, hiring a special prosecutor, and increasing the number of dog wardens.

For more information on Pennsylvania's dog law, and to access kennel inspection records, visit .

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For a sample letter and more information on the bill, you can  visit the Paw  Project website at:

Please write before Senate floor vote which could be as early as June 21. This bill is needed, not only in California, but also to set precedence in other states where it is a VERY Common requirement  to rent an apartment  to require new tenants to have their cats declawed on 2 or all 4 paws or debark their dogs. We are lucky in California that this bill is supported by the Apartment Association. If you are a landlord , please specify that in your letter. Everyone's letters and efforts will really help.

This bill was doing really well. It passed in the California Assembly with a 63-7 vote but last week  the California Veterinary Medical Association  raised their efforts to block the passing of this bill by using $$$$$ and lobbyists,  The measure narrowly passed the Senate Judiciary Committee with a 3-2 vote, and could be voted on by the full Senate as early as the week of June 21. This Monday.
The full text of AB 2743 is available at this link:

PLEASE write letters to state senators (find your senator at:

YOUR SUPPORT will be helpful because the California Veterinary  Medical Association is lobbying very hard to kill the bill. CVMA is making the rounds of legislators¹ offices and making its views known to the Governor. It  has also sent out an alert to its members stating that it is "strongly opposed" to the bill and urging its members to send letters of opposition to their state  senators and to the Governor.

The CVMA is powerful because many legislators automatically support  the position held by a trade or business association. Therefore, letters coming in from across the state strongly in support of the law will be necessary. Please inform as many people and rescue groups as  possible.

Thank You!!!!!
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