Oregon Governor Signs Legislation Banning Retail Sale of Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits


CAPS worked with the sponsor of HB 2915 and investigated Oregon’s two pet shops

On August 1, 2023, Oregon Governor Tina Kotek signed HB 2915, which bans the retail sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits. CAPS started working with Rep. David Gomberg on this legislation in 2018. We investigated the two remaining pet shops – Critter Cabana in Wilsonville and Critter Cabana in Newberg , which claim to obtain puppies from local breeders. In violation of the state lemon law, neither store would provide breeder names. However, one employee inadvertently provided the name of a backyard breeder 90 minutes away.  CAPS’ lead investigator found a rental property with Catahoula dogs living in substandard conditions.

When Rep. David Gomberg reintroduced the bill in 2022, a clause grandfathering in both pet shops had been added at the recommendation of Oregon Humane Society. CAPS President Deborah Howard submitted written testimony with qualified support for the legislation. In light of Critter Cabana’s fraudulent and misleading actions documented by our investigations and the failure of Washington’s grandfather clause law, which left in place three horrible pet shops investigated by CAPS, we strongly urged the Oregon State Legislature to remove the grandfather clause from HB 291.

The final legislation allows the Critter Cabana stores to stay in business for five more years. CAPS has a complete list of municipal ordinances and state laws banning and regulating the retail sale dogs, cats, and rabbits in the United States and Canada.

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