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Home alone: Pets abandoned as owners can’t afford them

teve Pardo /The Detroit News, Saturday, April 5, 2008 PONTIAC -- Evan Deutsch keeps a watchful eye on the backyards as he drives avenues looking for evidence -- dogs chained to trees, dogs barking, windows boarded.He travels in an SUV loaded with straw and 10…Read more


The Companion Animal Protection Society Applauds Oprah Winfrey’s Efforts

I applaud Oprah Winfrey for dedicating an entire show to the issue of puppy mills, rescue dogs and unwanted animals in shelters.It’s wonderful to see a media powerhouse like Oprah getting behind a cause that The Companion Animal Protection Society has been dedicated to for…Read more


Pollywood Pets

On December 2, I investigated Mt. Clemens, Michigan-based Pollywood Pets, a weekend pet shop in the Gilbralter Trade Center, an indoor flea market.I was accompanied by Detroit Free Press reporter Steve Neavling. CAPS worked with Steve on a three-part series on the pet shop/puppy mill…Read more


Indiana’s Puppy Pipeline –

Uncle Bill's sells about 2,500 puppies a year, according to Joe Street, vice president of Uncle Bill's Pet Centers. Most of those come from Levi Graber and his network of Amish breeders. CAPS did a story with NBC in Indianapolis that covered this horrible pet…Read more


Complaints against veterinarians in Nassau County, NY

Complaints against veterinarians in Nassau County, NY CAPS did an extensive investigation of Jeff Blustein, a USDA licensed broker whose company, Rare Breeds, was importing Hungarian puppies with fraudulent pedigrees. He sold these puppies to pet shops in New York and New Jersey. CAPS received…Read more


PA Attorney General Reaches Settlement with Puppy Love Kennels (2005)

Read the article: PA Attorney General Reaches Settlement with Puppy Love Kennels (2005)Read more


CAPS Investigation of Puppy Love Kennel 2005

Stoltzfus, Joyce Joyce Stoltzfus Puppy Love Kennel 267 Riverview Rd. Peach Bottom, PA 17563 CAPS Investigation: 2/4/05 USDA license would be required if S. 1139 passes Approximately 300 dogs and puppies. Breeds: Pekingese, Puggles, Pit Bull Terriers, Golden Retrievers, Beagles, Cock-a-poos, Boxers, various mixed breedsPuppy…Read more


PA Attorney General Accuses Puppy Love of Selling Sick Puppies (2003)

AG Fisher accuses Lancaster Co. dog seller of selling sick puppies; Lawsuit seeks restitution, enhanced fines and ban on doing business in PA Issued: Friday, December 5, 2003 Contact: 717-787-5211 HARRISBURG - Attorney General Mike Fisher's Bureau of Consumer Protection today filed a lawsuit against…Read more


Puppy Love Kennels

CAPS played a key role in assisting The Philadelphia Inquirer in an article on Pennsylvania puppy mills (12/10/95). This article featured Puppy Love Kennels, a large facility in Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania (Lancaster County). The Philadelphia Inquirer and "20/20" stories on the AKC also featured this…Read more


CAPS Investigation (Fall 1997) of Pick of the Litter

CAPS Investigation (Fall 1997) As part of our campaign against Shake A Paw, CAPS investigated Pick of the Litter, a large-scale brokerage facility in Minnesota in the fall of 1997. The owner, Kathy Bauck, told our investigators that she had 573 dogs who all have…Read more

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