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Local pet advocacy group strives to rid Central Coast of retail pet shops

January 18, 2017 Publication: The Sun Summary: CAPS and No More Pet Store Puppies 805 are partnering up to fight pet stores on the Central Coast in California. Read the article ...Read more


The Dog Factory: Inside the Sickening World of Puppy Mills

January 3, 2017 Publication: Rolling Stone  Summary: As the only national non-profit that investigates inside USDA licensed facilities, CAPS was instrumental in providing investigative evidence to the writer of the story, Paul Solotaroff. Read the article ...Read more


Editorial: Why won’t the USDA shut down this serial animal abuser?

November 14, 2016  Publication: The Des Moines Register  Summary: More on Gary Felts, the appalling puppy miller we investigated and provided evidence to the US Attorney on. Read the article ...Read more


These Pet Stores Are Lying to People About Where Their Puppies Come From

November 7, 2016 Publication: Care2  Summary: Pet stores around the country have come under fire for misleading customers about where their puppies come from, and now another investigation has exposed the lies and illegal practices many continue to use to get unwitting customers to think its okay to…Read more


Kitten Mills Are A Real Thing – Did You Know?

October 16, 2016 Publication: CindyLu's Muse Summary: By now, most folks have heard of puppy mills, and about all the sordid details featured by those inhumane places. And many try in earnest to get the word out that pet stores selling puppies actually obtain those adorable…Read more


These 5 Organizations Are Fighting to Make Abusive Puppy Mills a Thing of the Past in the U.S.

October 11, 2016 Publication: One Green Planet Summary: CAPS is mentioned in a list of five organizations fighting to end puppy mills in the United States.  Read the article ...Read more


Pet store owner appeals citations in court

August 9, 2016 Publication: The San Diego Union-Tribune  Summary: OCEANSIDE — The owner of a shuttered Oceanside pet store is suing the city, saying he was forced to close down after officials unfairly expanded the city’s ban on the sale of commercially bred animals. Read the article…Read more


Kingsley kennel owner pleads guilty to making false statements

July 14, 2016 Publication: Sioux City Journal  Summary: CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - A Kingsley, Iowa, dog kennel operator has pleaded guilty to making false statements regarding funds involving a judgment against his company. Read the article ...Read more


Iowa dog breeder pleads guilty to filing false records

July 18, 2016 Publication: Des Moines Register  Summary: KINGSLEY, Ia. —The Massachusetts-based animal rights group Companion Animal Protection Society, which has been pushing the government to act for years, said it's past time Felts is held responsible for the conditions at his kennels."We've been investigating various…Read more


Kingsley dog breeder pleads guilty to making false statements in federal court

July 13, 2016 Publication: The Gazette Summary: Gerhard L. Felts, also known as Gary Felts, 61, operator of Black Diamond Kennel, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Cedar Rapids to one count of making false statements to the government in connection with a civil judgment…Read more

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