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New York Attorney General Complaint Against Shake A Paw

The New York Attorney General filed a legal complaint today to permanently enjoin the two Shake A Paw stores in Nassau County from operating and to seek restitution for defrauded customers. The allegations include selling sick and injured puppies, failing to disclose medical conditions, selling…Read more

NBC Los Angeles’ Website Featuring CAPS PSA for Clear the Shelters Week

Adopt A Cat: Help Stop Pet Shops and Kittens Mills is Airing on TV Stations Around the Country The 30-second version of CAPS’ PSA Adopt a Cat: Help Stop Pet Shops and Kitten Mills is airing or will be airing on TV stations around the…Read more

A Sad Outcome to the Vesterberg Animal Cruelty Case

CAPS Pursued Every Route to try to Rescue the Animals and Send Them to a Forever Home at The Gentle Barn In late May, while investigating puppy mills, CAPS’ lead investigator discovered a property, owned by Virgil Vesterberg, in Miltonvale, Kansas (pop. 539) on which…Read more

Kevin Vesterberg Charged with 10 Counts of Animal Cruelty

Animals not Seized Despite Horrific Cruelty Uncovered by CAPS and Sheriff The Ottawa County Attorney’s Office charged Kevin Daniel Vesterberg with 10 counts of animal cruelty on June 4, 2021. At his preliminary hearing on June 15, the court granted Vesterberg a continuance until July…Read more

U.S. CDC Suspending Import of Dogs From Over 100 Countries Due to Risk of Rabies

The United States is banning dogs from more than 100 countries due to the risk of rabies. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the new policy will affect dog-rescue missions, imports from dog breeders and people bringing in pets. According to the CDC,…Read more

New York Senate Passes Bill to Ban Retail Sale of Dogs, Cats, Rabbits

The New York Senate passed bill S.1130 to ban the retail sale of dogs, cats and rabbits. A.4283 is awaiting approval by the Codes Committee before moving to other assembly committees. The Companion Animal Protection Society’s ongoing investigation of every New York pet shop since…Read more

More groups sue to force USDA to restore online animal welfare records

February 22, 2017 Publication: More groups sue to force USDA to restore online animal welfare records Summary: The following article mentions CAPS as one of the animal welfare groups involved in coalitions that sued the USDA after the removal of tens of thousands of animal…Read more

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