New Symbol Indicates “Nothing from China”


WHO: Dr. Don Allen, Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS)

WHEN: July 12, 2010

WHERE: Youngstown, OH


His concern began with melamine contamination of pet food in 2007, when pets throughout the United States began dying from kidney failure. The source of the melamine was traced to a food ingredient from China, and it wasn’t until it was too late that we began checking for this contaminant. Now Dr. Donald K. Allen, a Youngstown, OH veterinarian, is proposing new labeling for packaging to assure consumers that they need not worry about potential problems when they purchase foods. The new symbol represents “Nothing from China,” and consists of the “NO” sign atop of the People’s Republic of China national flag…

Dr. Allen, who served 15 years as an Air Force Reserve public health officer, has extensive experience in food inspection for the military, and also holds a master’s degree in animal nutrition. Wholesome food and safe food has always been a key consideration in his profession. “The melamine contamination was the first red flag (no pun intended), and we have seen a tremendous increase in the number and types of foods originating in China on our grocery shelves,” Allen stated. “Our problem lies in the fact that we only inspect 0.6 percent of the food supply coming into our country.”

“Even the ‘USDA Organic’ labeling we use on some of our foods may be suspect,” he added. “There is a clause in the labeling regulation that states if you sell less than $5,000 worth of product a year, you are exempt from their stringent guidelines. Well, the average annual income of most farmers in China is far less than half of that figure.” Dr. Allen pointed out that farmers in China use pesticides and other chemicals that are forbidden in our country, and that contamination with heavy metals and toxic  products is always possible, and has been repeatedly proven.

“My biggest fear today is for our children,” Dr. Allen stated. “Last year I saw Halloween candy on the shelves from China, and at least 60 percent of our apple juice now comes from there. Children’s juice drinks are primarily apple juice, and now some simply say, ‘Product of China.’ Garlic powder is another example. I’m not at all confident that our government will stringently test Chinese products and ingredients until there is an incident. Congress is now even considering allowing chicken from China. Things aren’t getting better.

” The “Nothing from China” symbol can be downloaded from Dr. Allen’s website, “Some retail stores may also use this sign if they sell nothing from China. That might be limited today to a few Kosher or Italian food stores,” he concluded. “Even if the product has ‘Made in the USA’ on it, there could still be ingredients from other countries.”


Donald K. Allen,

MS, DVM Lt. Col.,

USAFR (Retired) 4501 Market St.

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