Breeder: Patricia Mooney
Business name: Mooney Dogwood Hills Farm
Address: 33768 Kensington Ln.
City, State Zip: Richland, MO 65556
Year: 2014
USDA License: 43-A-4930
Date of CAPS Investigation: 2014-04-18
On the premises at the time of the investigation: approximately 75-100 dogs

Breeds: Maltese, Dachshunds, Shih Tzu’s and mixes of those breeds.

The weather at the time of investigation: 72 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny.

Building 1
Patricia Mooney and her husband took me to a set of about 10 runs. They showed me two adult male Maltese for sale. Both dogs were matted with 2-3 inches of mats on the fur. (Sec 2.40 Attending Veterinarian and adequate Veterinary Care). Across from the Maltese were three Dachshunds in one pen together (Sec 3.6 Primary Enclosures (c) (i) Space) (Length of dog in inches (18 + 6) x (length of dog in inches 18 + 6) = 576 inches in required space x 3= 1,728 inches).

Building 2
As we were walking to the next set of pens, Patricia’s son picked up a blind and deaf breeding dog by the back of the neck in order to show me the dog (Sec 2.131 Handling of Animals (b) (1) Trauma and unnecessary harm). The rest of the facility had large outside areas with fences around them. There were dog houses with a large piece of metal around the dog houses. The metal is the only material that gives them shade (Sec 3.4 Outdoor Housing Facilities (b) shade). In one large fenced run there were six dogs in one pen. They were growling and fighting (Sec 3.6 Primary Enclosures (iii) (2) Compatibility).

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