McMuttigan’s, Will You Be My Valentine?


It’s official; we’ve got the stomach butterflies. After undergoing some serious soul-searching, CAPS found its purrfect Valentine. Amidst thoughts of red roses, decadent chocolates, huggable plushies, and tacky romance movies, cupid struck home and the team went gaga for McMuttigan’s, an organization that helps once forgotten dogs receive a second change in life with the help of individuals who have also been pushed aside by society: inmates.

Wiley, a little cupid in disguise, is soon joining the Howard family thanks to McMuttigan's.
Wiley, a little cupid in disguise, is soon joining the Howard family thanks to McMuttigan’s.

The love bug didn’t come out of nowhere. There are plenty of reasons why animal enthusiasts should line up for the kissing booth in hopes of catching a good glimpse of McMuttigan’s. How does CAPS love thee? Let us count the ways…

Enough sappy romance- let’s go straight to the details:

The TLC (a.k.a Tender Love & Care) starts with McMuttigan’s founder, Donna Chenault Mullenix, who has been educating people about animal welfare for over 20 years. The Animal Behavior Certified Dog Trainer is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Death Row Dog Program located at the Green River Correctional Complex in Central City, KY (a medium/minimum security adult male correctional facility with a population of 982) where she provides training classes, runs errands, takes pups to the vet, and brings rescued dogs from all over the state (and beyond) to meet their fellow humans. The abandoned canines, up to 20 every three months, receive the attention they so desperately need and go under training with the help of inmates who are supervised by Donna. Once trained, the healthy four-legged-graduates are listed under McMuttigan’s Rescue Inc. on where the quest continues to find forever homes. The group has saved over 400 dogs and has gotten the attention of other KY State Prisons who want to join in saving pets and rehabilitating countless individuals.

“I hope you are ready for your new adventure, because after today your life will never be the same.” – Donna Chenault Mullenix

What’s not to love? Not only does the McMuttigan’s team place overlooked companions into loving homes, but they give 40 inmate trainers a chance to prove they are caring, functioning members of society as well. The barking dogs receive the love and compassion they crave and need and their human counterparts are rewarded with unconditional admiration and the opportunity to stand out and make a change.

So… going back to the Valentine’s mushy theme: McMuttigan’s, will you be MINE?

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