Breeder: Gary & Kristy McKinney
Business name: Mack Kennels
Address: 4717 Hwy B
City, State Zip: Park Hills, MO 63601
Year: 2013
USDA License: 43-A-5683
Date of CAPS Investigation: 2013-06-22
The weather at the time of investigation: 85 degrees Fahrenheit and cloudy.

Breed: French Bulldogs

There were 40-60 dogs on the premises at the time of investigation.

Building 1, Room 1
I arrived at 8:45am after communicating with the owner, Gary McKinney, via email and phone.  Gary immediately led me to some puppies that seemed to be a few days old.   The entire kennel facility was indoors.  When we arrived in the room where the puppies were housed, he seemed to be confused because one of the three puppies was missing.  After looking for the puppy for a few minutes, he learned from his wife, Kristy, that the puppy had died the night before (Sec. 2.40 Veterinary care (2) The use of appropriate methods to prevent diseases and injuries (3) Daily observation of all animals to assess their health and well-being). Gary stated that it must have been his fault because he didn’t have the heating lamp on overnight and had left the air conditioner on (Sec. 3.2 Indoor housing facilities (a) Heating, cooling, and temperature).  The whelping room had a lot of moisture in it (Sec. 3.2 Indoor housing facilities (b) Ventilation).  Gnats were everywhere (Sec. 3.11 Cleaning, sanitization, housekeeping, and pest control (f) Pest control).  After Gary showed me the puppies, I asked to see their father, and we proceeded to another room.

Building 1, Room 2
Apparently Kristy had just hosed down the kennels, because the floors were soaked with water, and it appeared that she had sprayed the kennels while the dogs were in them (Sec 3.11 Cleaning, sanitization, housekeeping, and pest control). The regulation clearly states that the licensee must remove the animals when steam or water is used to clean a primary enclosure ‘unless the enclosure is large enough to ensure the animal would not be harmed, wetted, or distressed in the process.”  The drainage system was sloped to allow run-off, and the fans were running, yet it was still very humid inside (Sec. 3.2 Indoor housing facilities (b) Ventilation).  The dogs seemed healthy.  Gary admitted that he breeds his female dogs until they are about 6 years old to obtain one to two litters a year from each dog.  After a female dog turns 6 years old, he adopts the dog out.

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