Breeder: Martin, Edna
City, State Zip: East Earl, PA 17519
Year: 2005
USDA License: 23-A-0181
Date of CAPS Investigation: 2005-02-25

Approximately 20 dogs. Breeds: English Bulldogs, King Charles Cavaliers

The kennel was a series of adjacent pens with indoor/outdoor cages; the investigator was allowed access only to the outdoor cages by a man who identified himself as Edna Martin’s husband. The outdoor cages were connected to a metal barn about 40 feet long and wide, with a peaked metal roof and metal siding. A six-foot-high wooden privacy fence, about eight feet from the cages themselves, fenced the area of the outdoor cages.

There were 10 outdoor cages raised about two feet off the ground on wooden stilts. Each cage was about four feet long, four feet wide, and about three feet high. The cages each housed one to three adult King Charles Cavaliers and English Bulldog puppies, all of which weighed about five to ten pounds. The Cavaliers and Bulldogs were mixed together in cages, and the weights of paired dogs appeared similar.

The cages were made with wooden beams at their corners and treated wire for walls, roofs, and floorings. All of the wood was painted white. Six-inch-wide PVC piping ran along the floorings of the cages next to the walls that faced the privacy fence. The top half of the piping was cut out, revealing running water inside, which Mr. Martin explained was pumped from a local spring. Mr. Martin also said that the water was shut off at night so that it didn’t freeze (3.10-Watering). The cages had doggy doors with metal flaps on them to cages within the barn. There was more than 24 hours’ accumulation of feces under each cage (3.11(a)-Cleaning of primary enclosures).

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